Angelina Jolie Height, Weight, Bra Size, Age, Body Measurements

Angelina Jolie Height in centimeter (cm)Angelina Jolie hot

173 cm


Angelina Jolie Height in Inch

68.11 inch


Height in feet

5.675 foot , 5 feet 6 inches


Angelina Jolie Weight

140 lbs


Angelina Jolie Weight in Kg

64 kg


Angelina Jolie Measurements / figure size



Angelina Jolie Bra Size/Breast Size



Angelina Jolie Affairs / Boyfriend

1. Denzel Washington
2. Bill Day
3. Jenny Shimizu
4. Jonny Lee Miller
5. Elizabeth Mitchell
6. Mick Jagger
7.Timothy Hutton
8.Billy Bob Thornton
9.Misty Cooper
10.Antonio Banderas
11. Nicolas Cage
12.Val Kilmer
13.Colin Farrell
14. Oliver Stone
15. Brad Pitt
16.Johnny Depp
17.Lady Gaga


Angelina Jolie Upcoming Movies/Film

1.Wanted 2
3. Kung Fu Panda 3
4.Salt 2


Birthday Date

4 June, 1975


Angelina Jolie Age in 2013

37 Years


Eye Color




Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles, California. She is mostly known as an actress, but she is also a director and screenwriter. She has received several awards in her career such as an “Academy Award” and three “Globe Awards”. She is also known for promoting humanitarian causes. She has worked in refugee camps and was named ‘Good Will Ambassador” by the United Nations. She has also adopted three kids from Africa and Asia.

Jolie’s relationship with actor Brad Pitt has been spoken of for years. They are currently married and have three biological children as well as their adopted children. She became an internationally recognized actress in 2001 with the film “Lara Croft-Tomb Raider”. She has then appeared in many other international hit moves such as “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and “The Good Shepherd”. In 2013, she went through a preventive double mastectomy in order to reduce her 85% chances of developing breast cancer. She was very vocal about her decision and tried to raise awareness of this issue to prevent other women from developing this disease.


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