Jennifer Lawrence Height, Weight, Bra Size, Age, Body Measurements

Jennifer Lawrence Height in centimeter (cm)Jennifer Lawrence hot

172 cm



Jennifer Lawrence Height in Inch

67.71 inch


Jennifer Lawrence Height in feet

5.643 foot , 5 feet 6 inches – She is 5 feet 8 inches when she is wearing shoes


Jennifer Lawrence Weight

137 lbs


Jennifer Lawrence Weight in kg

62 kg


Jennifer Lawrence Measurements / figure size



Jennifer Lawrence Bra Size/Breast Size



Jennifer Lawrence Boyfriend Affairs

1. Nicholas Hoult


Upcoming Movies/Film

1.he Hunger Games Catching Fire
2.X Men Days Of Future Past


Birthday Date

15 August, 1990


Jennifer Lawrence Age in 2013

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22 Years


Eye Color




Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an actress from Louisville, Kentucky, US. Her first lead role was as a cast member on “The Bill Engvall Show” until 2009. She started acting at a young age in school plays and asked her parents to take her to NYC in order for her to find an talent agent. Her big screen debut came much later with her lead role in the film “Winter’s Bone” which was given the best picture award at the “Sundance Festival” that year. She has appeared in other very financially successful films such as “the Hunger Games”, “The Beaver”, and “Xmen First Class.”

She recently announced that she will starr in a new film called “The Rules of Inheritance” and another film called ‘East of Eden.” Jennifer has publicly mentioned several times that she wants to keep her relationships private and does not want the media to interfere with her personal life. Another little known fact about her is that she suffered from hyperactivity and anxiety as a child and had to be medicated. In a recent interview, she mentioned that she was forced to diet in order to save her career, although she is currently in excellent shape. She is currently in a relationship with Nicholas Hoult; however, she has been seen snuggling with Liam Hemsworth in photos of the “Hunger Games.”

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