Justin Bieber Biceps Size, Height, Weight, Age & Body Stats

Justin Bieber Height in centimeter (cm)Justin Bieber Body

170 cm


Justin Bieber Height in Inch

64.17 inch


Justin Bieber Height in feet

5.34777 foot , 5 feet 4 inches


Justin Bieber Weight

56 kg or 123 Pound


Justin Bieber Figure and Body Measurements :


Justin Bieber Chest size

Not Available


Justin Bieber Waist size

Not Available


Justin Bieber Biceps Size

Not Available


Justin Bieber Neck size

Not Available


Justin Bieber Affairs / Girlriends

Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber Upcoming Movies/Film

No Upcoming Movies


Justin Bieber Birthday Date

March 1, 1994


Justin Bieber Age in 2013

19 Years


Justin Bieber Eye Color

Eye Color Details Not Available


Justin Bieber Bio

Justin Bieber is not only a singer, but also plays various instruments such as the drums and the guitar. He was found by Scooter Braun back in 2008.  He has had many hit singles such as “Baby” and has also been seen at sporting events such as boxing events. Floyd Mayweather is said to be a close friend of Justin and it may the the reason why he always attends his boxing matches. Lately, Justin has been involved in many scandals such as the incident at a club in Toronto in which he was the victim of an attack. He has recently broken up with Selena Gomez and is rumored to be trying to get back together with her. The new “Heartbreaker” single may be an attempt to win her back.


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