Logan Lerman Biceps Size, Height, Weight, Age & Body Stats

Logan Lerman Height in centimeter (cm)Logan Lerman Body

175 cm


Logan Lerman Height in Inch

68.89 inch


Logan Lerman Height in feet

5.741 foot , 5 feet 7 inches


Logan Lerman Weight

65kg or 143 Pound


Logan Lerman Figure and Body Measurements :


Logan Lerman Chest size

Not Available


Logan Lerman Waist size

Not Available


Logan Lerman Biceps Size

Not Available


Logan Lerman Neck size

Not Available


Logan Lerman Affairs / Girlriends

1.Amy Vaver


Logan Lerman Upcoming Movies/Film

1.Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
3.The Only Living Boy in New York


Logan Lerman Birthday Date

January 19, 1992


Logan Lerman Age in 2013

21 Years


Logan Lerman Eye Color


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